Vietnam Information Security Day 2019: “Enhancing National Cybersecurity in the Digital Era”

Given the proliferation of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the digitization of the economy across the globe and in Vietnam, the issues of information security and cyber security are becoming more relevant and urgent than ever. Indeed, these are the prerequisites to ensure the success of the nation’s digital transformation. Thus, enhancing the national capacity of information security and cyber security in order to create a healthy digital ecosystem for the operation of the Government, businesses and the people has been one of the top priorities for the Government of Vietnam as well as the country’s enterprises.

With this goal at heart, the annual International Conference and Exposition “Vietnam’s Information Security Day 2019” will be held on November 29th, 2019 (Friday) at Melia Hotel, with the general theme this year being “Enhancing national cybersecurity in the digital era”. This event is expected to be a major arena for all international and domestic stakeholders working in the field of information security and cyber security to convene and meet up with the view of sharing expertise and experience as well as seeking new business opportunities.

Notably, given the urgency of the theme, this year’s event expected shall be attended and remarked by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

In addition, there will be remarks made by other leading figures in the field of cyber security and information security from prestigious international and domestic organizations such as International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the likes of different nationalities (Israel, Russian, USA, etc.).

The International Conference shall be revolving around sharing the Government’s vision and strategies for a more secure cyberspace in Vietnam; analyzing the current policy barriers and the putting into perspective the demand for cyber security and information security solutions and technologies. This will be an ideal platform for all involved to renew their aspiration, draw new inspiration, suggest radical solutions, take initiatives, tap into each other’s potentials with the view of making Vietnam a regional leader in cyber and information security.

The International Conference and Exposition is expected to draw the attendance of more than 1000 delegates and representatives from various multi-level governmental bodies, international and domestic leading business organizations, experts.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), this annual industry-wide happening will celebrate its 11th anniversary this year and be organized by Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) in coordination with MIC’s Information Security Authority and Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Center (VNCERT) and the Cyberspace Operation Command (under the Ministry of Defense).

The event has become a trusted venue for both domestic and international stakeholders owing to its highly relevant themes which reflect the latest local and global developments and trends in the industry.